Single-crystal silicon 9N is used for Terahertz Water Activator “Takumi”

- Multi-crystal silicon is made of small crystals and it has cracks and discontinuities on the surface. On the other hand, since the molecules of single-crystal are regularly arranged and it is made of high-grade and large crystals, it has neither cracks nor discontinuities on the surface and it is a very effective product compared to the silicon

It has the power to change water to the water
with the energy close to the natural energy.

Terahertz Water Activator TAKUMI

Terahertz story:
Terahertz waves are the frequencies between light waves and radio waves. Terahertz waves vibrate 1 trillion times per second and have a property of penetrating various substances. It is the energy that penetrates substances, activates them and changes the warped wavelength to the harmonious wavelength. By utilizing this principle, Terahertz Water Activator “Takumi” adjusts the wavelength of water when water is passed through, and changes water to “Energy Water” with the power as the natural spring water has.

▼Size: 105 × φ42mm, Caliber: 25A (approximately 1 inch)
▼Weight: 540g
▼Materials: Stainless Steel, Polysilicon, Terahertz Ceramic Balls, Negative Ion Balls

(Oxidation Reduction Potential) measurement results

Terahertz Water Activator TAKUMI

- At 21 ℃ of the room temperature, ORP for 350cc of the tap water were measured, before passed through “Takumi”, 10 minutes after passed through “Takumi”, 24 hours after passed through “Takumi” and 48 hours after passed through “Takumi”.
It is unusual that oxidation reduction potential of water decreases with the passage of time after it has been passed through a water activator.
The data indicates that the electrolysis is happening in the water even after the time has elapsed.

The benefits of use……

For drinking:
It has the effect to make enzymes and lactic acid bacteria active.

For cooking:
It pulls out the original taste of ingredient and makes the food delicious.

For the bath:
As the clusters of water become smaller , the skin gets velvety.

For washing:
As the power to dissolve the oil is increased, clothes and dishes can be cleanly washed with less amount of detergent.

Negative Ion measurement results

Terahertz Water Activator TAKUMI

- The number of negative ion measured by the ion tester resulted in showing 1,146 pieces per cubic centimeters.

- Negative ions are a lot generated around a basin of waterfall, at the seashore and so on.

- In the same way as the natural environment, the number of negative ions is one of indications to describe comfort.

(Superconducting Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Apparatus -O17 nucleus)

Terahertz Water Activator TAKUMI

Measurement results of Half-width (Hz) = width at 1/2 point of height of the peak

- The tap water before passed through Terahertz Water Activator “Takumi”: 150 ~ 155Hz

- The tap water after passed through Terahertz Water Activator “Takumi”: 85Hz