70% of the human body is made up of water...
Therefore, you must be wishing to drink good water !
"At home and at work", you can easily make hydrogen water in 30 minutes at any time.
Through the effect of terahertz, you can get surprisingly high content of dissolved hydrogen.
You can make as much hydrogen water as you want.

We are living together with water…

Terahertz Hydrogen Water Stick

The Japanese are said to be citizens who know the taste of water, and are also said to know the goodness and importance of water best.
Approximately 70% of the water in the body is contained inside the cells.
The remaining 30% is contained outside the cells, that is to say in interstitial fluid and blood.The human body is composed of about 60 trillion cells.
Proteins, nucleic acids, potassium ions , chlorine ions and so on exist in each cell in the state that those components are dissolved in water.About 85% ratio of the total cell tissues is occupied by water.
In addition, the water circulating in the body goes through the body after removing waste in the kidneys and becoming clean water.
Thus 180 liters of water is used per day in the body while repeating regeneration in the kidneys.
The water has the effects to drain the waste matter in the body to the outside and to activate the function of the cells.
As a result, rhythm of the body is adjusted, which makes it less susceptible to various diseases.
It is important to drink water in order to compensate for the volume of water necessary for life support.

The hydrogen balls, the far-infrared-ray balls, the Bakuhan-stone balls, the negative-ion balls, and pieces of the poly-silicon ore are included in the stick.
▼Sizeφ20×105mm Weight 35g

The effects of hydrogen water and the reason to be said that hydrogen water is good for health and beauty;

Terahertz Hydrogen Water Stick

Hydrogen has the excellent antioxidant effect. The cause of aging of the body, even if in good health, is oxidation by active oxygen. Hydrogen contained in hydrogen water catches active oxygen and drains it to outside of the body.

Answers to the questions about “Hydrogen”

● What is hydrogen?
· Hydrogen was discovered by a French scientist, Antoine L. Lavoisier in 1776.
· The atomic number of hydrogen is 1, and the initial "H" of the English name, Hydrogen is its atomic symbol.
· It is the smallest substance among all the substances. It is the light gas of colorless and odorless. Its gas density is extremely small. Accordingly, it has the property to leak easily.
· Hydrogen itself is harmless to the human body and the burned gas becomes water. There is no worry of gas poisoning.

● How can hydrogen be measured ?
・Currently there is neither stipulation to specify the dissolved hydrogen concentration in hydrogen water nor measurement method given in the JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards).
Therefore, it is one of the causes that the dissolved hydrogen concentration in hydrogen water and the quality of hydrogen water become various questions.
・ As for measurement methods available, there are “the dissolved hydrogen meter” and “gas chromatography”.
There is the fact that measurement value by each method physically comes out. It means that hydrogen molecules definitely exist in the aqueous solution.

Measurement test for the dissolved hydrogen concentration

Analysis test report about the hydrogen water stick

Terahertz Hydrogen Water Stick

As a result of conducting an analytical test at the Japan Food Analysis Center for the hydrogen water stick, all of the testing items meet the safety standards.
Accordingly you can use this product at ease.